What We Do

Nominations and Elections EVote
Surveys and Evaluations
Conference Services
Webmaster Services
Dynamic Website Design
Website Enhancements

How We Do It

All Online
All Paperless
All Green

Who We Are


     The staff at MJC Online Solutions LLC are Educators, TRIO Staff, and Others who work in jobs that would be considered service focused professions. We have all spent years creating websites, writing computer applications, and serving students. Over those years we have sharpened our technology skills and used them to provide better service to non-profits and our students.
     The Company was formed to help TRiO Programs, Non-Profit Organizations, and Educators meet their growing need for reasonably priced and easily customizable online services for their employees, members and students.

Why We Do It

     Standard products available require a person with major technical skills, are so simple in design that they restrict any real customization, or are not supported by the IT Services available to our customers. The non-profit sector is ignored because they can't pay alot for what they need and what they need doesn't fit the standard business e-commerce products that are out there. Simply put what is out there just boxes non-profit organizations in too much or boxes them out from really doing what they need to do online.
     MJC Online Solutions provides a green solution to doing what needs to be done without all the paper and postage.